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8m Articulating Boom Lift Platform
8m Articulating Boom Lift Platform
8m Articulating Boom Lift Platform

8m Articulating Boom Lift Platform

Boom Lift: It is a 360° rotary lifter or cargo lifter used for high-altitude lifting equipment.

It can be used for aerial work across obstacles. When the platform is lifted to any position, it can be used while walking.

The compact structure and flexible steering ensure that the width of the site ensures that the equipment enters narrow passageways

and crowded work areas. Backup power unit, operable platform reset, convenient transport, can be towed anywhere.

8m Articulating Boom Lift Platform

GKT-8m Hydraulic Boom Lift Platform
Platform Size 650*850mm
Loading Capacity 160-200kg
Self-weight 1700kg
Traveling speed 20km/h
Max operating radius 2.5m
Max height above ground 8m
Working Height 12m
Tires 500-14
Overall Size 4100*1700*2700mm
Material & Configuration
Spares Spec QTY
Hand off valve QYZ20/10 1 pcs
Bidirectional hydraulic lock YS6-03 4 pcs
Centre revolving joint ZHJ-H10L-03-2 1 pcs
Manifold block JFB 1 pcs
Hydro-motor BMR100 1 pcs output volume100
Turning Gear QWD400-20A 1 pcs
Cylinder (2 sets) 80-60-810Large-2 pcs 6 pcs
50-30-250Small 4 pcs
Bar Valve 60v1200w 1 pcs
Motor 60v2500w 1 pcs
Battery 130-12V 5
Charger 60V/1 1

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