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The foood elevator we design is extremely smooth and ensures that the items you deliver will not leak. Generally, the male smokes in the car and rises up and down repeatedly. The power consumption of the food elevator is only equivalent to the power consumption of an ordinary household refrigerator. The noise is small for high-end hotels, hotels, and other catering industries. The rated load of the elevator covers less than 500kg, and the running speed is between 1m/s and 0.4m/s. Elevator drag adopts advanced traction drive mode, which has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, quietness, environmental protection, safety and reliability, frequent start-up and long service life. The control system adopts advanced 16-bit microcomputer control system. The system has the advantages of compact structure, small size, fast calculation speed, powerful function, stable performance, convenient maintenance, etc. For the user-friendly design, the function display is printed on the control cabinet. The user can simply perform installation, debugging, and maintenance operations according to the function display comparison. Professional cast quality, quality determines quality! Choose a food elevator to make your kitchen easier! We not only have excellent quality, but also thoughtful and considerate service. The food delivery elevator is a trusted friend in the kitchen food field! Let the kitchen pass the food is no longer your burden, but a pleasure and enjoyment.