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food elevator in house can generally be divided into two types:

One is floor-standing

It is larger in size, heavier in load, has overspeed and overload safety features, and the bottom is flat with the ground, which can push the dining car directly, which is extremely convenient.

One is windowed

His advantage is that it covers a small area, the smallest one is less than 1 square meter, it is efficient, energy-saving, it only needs 1.1KW to use, and it is easy to install and it is more convenient for users to encapsulate and decorate it.

The food elevator in house is mostly used in the kitchens of hotels, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, troops, schools, and other places. Most of them are used to transfer dishes upstairs and downstairs. People call it a food transfer ladder. Articles of the China General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection The designated name is still called the debris elevator, and he has not escaped. Speaking of the debris elevator, we will mention one more. The debris elevator is also known as the food transfer elevator, food ladder, dining ladder or multi-purpose debris elevator. It is a fixed lifting machine for the 8th floor and below, and it is forbidden to enter.

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