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The Telescopic Lift platform is a lifting device for high-altitude operations. It has a telescopic arm that can overhang and work. It can cross a certain obstacle or lift at one place for multi-point operations.

360 degree rotation, the platform has a large payload, which can be used by two or more people at the same time and can be equipped with certain equipment;

It can work over the obstacles at high altitudes, and the lifting platform has good mobility and convenient site transfer;

When the platform is lifted to any position, it can work while walking. The structure is compact and the steering is flexible. The width of the site can ensure that the equipment can enter the narrow aisle and crowded working area.

Standby power unit, operating platform reset, convenient transportation mode, can be towed anywhere.

Easy to identify operation panel, multiple mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safety protection, advanced integrated hydraulic electrical system.

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