Single-pillar aluminum alloy lift:

This series of products is indoor type, widely applicable to high-altitude operations in halls and factories of various industries such as star hotels, large supermarkets, with lifting balance, convenient operation, can enter the general hall, can enter and exit the elevator at will, and consume less power and no pollution 5. It does not hurt the ground during work, and can be used for sticking to the wall and probing, without dead corners.

Single-column aluminum alloy electric lift with gantry span attachment is very suitable for the maintenance work of theaters, halls, churches, etc. The gantry span is easy to assemble, labor-saving, flexible to move, can overcome obstacles such as fixed seats with a height of 1.1m, and can work stably on steps. It is made of high-strength rectangular steel pipe with good rigidity and stability. Equipped with swivel castors, flexible and flexible. The span of the two ends can be adjusted, which can be adapted to the requirements of crossing different obstacles. Both ends are vertically adjustable, which can be used for work on a certain slope or step.